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​“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

​​Samantha Jones, Project Manager

"Sara is a reliable professional with a wealth of experience in mental health. She is very capable & has the ability to grasp complex issues & bring them to a speedy & satisfactory conclusion whilst meeting the needs of both the client & the service"

Val Joseph - Social Worker, Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
​​Samantha Jones, Project Manager



"Sara is a passionate advocate who is able to identify needs, uncover opportunities and drive projects to completion. She isn't afraid to explore uncharted territory when she can see that the outcome will be beneficial to the organisation, it's people and the greater good. I have worked in partnership with Sara and her team to deliver a service that is designed to 'care for those who care' and the positive impact that this work has had on the organisation has been far greater than anyone might have expected. This is due in large part to the commitment and belief that Sara and her team have actively demonstrated, and it is clear that her innate sense of justice and advocacy is a core strength that Sara takes with her wherever she goes"

Brett Gunning - Organisational Health & Wellbeing Consultant, Supervision & Counselling

"Sara Crean-Muir is on of the most professional people I have had the pleasure to work with on many occasions over the years. She has the amazing ability to assess a situation without prejudice and with common sense. She sees solutions where others only see problems. She is a natural leader and is blessed with a friendly disposition which also makes her a great team member. Sara has lots to contribute to all sectors and has a truly person centred approach to her work"

Barbara Kennedy, CEO, Crossroads Care South, Herts

"Sara is a very intelligent, highly focused and very professional in her managerial position. She is quite passionate about her work with vulnerable people. She is very accommodating and will go extra miles to support the workers under her. A good team player, it was a pleasure working under Sara when she was managing the team for older people in South West Herts."
Margaret Falegan - Social Worker, Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

"Sara was a pleasure to work alongside in delivering / commissioning services for Older People in South West Herts. Sara led a tight ship and ensured that her staff completed tasks that were required of them. Sara worked diligently, promoting sound professional values that were rooted in her own clinical experiences. Above all Sara demonstrated emotional intelligence that assisted partnership working. Her knowledge and skill can only contribute to positive outcomes in any role she is undertaking"

Andrew Lawrence - Service Solutions Manager, Hertfordshire County Council

"A pleasure to work and lease with Sara, through my time working at HPFT. Sara has great knowledge in working with those people with complex needs giving hope and sound advice to those who utilised her service. I would recommend Sara in not only her management skills but also her attitude towards dealing with HR needs. Sara managed a safe service providing a holistic approach to care for all. Looking forawrd to work together in the near future"

Alison Fitzgerald - Safeguarding Manager, Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

"Sara is a highly resourceful leader, she is truly passionate about service improvement and high quality services across health and social care.Sara's experience across operational, senior and strategic post in a variety of settings has given her wide ranging skills and knowledge. She is a very good example of an NHS manager who can work successfully in Adult Social Care and the Voluntary Care Sector. Her genuine motivation comes across in any work that she does and she is able to motivate a mixed team of professionals towards a common goal"

Leire Agirre - Social Worker, Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

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"Sara has a strong project management skill set. She combines strong clinical judgement with sound operational knowledge which she used to maximum effect at (our NHS Trust) - setting up and managing a service in a very short time frame."

Rosa Napolitano - Associate Director Commercial Development, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

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